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Roman Shades offer various advantages. Solar Shades Florida is delighted to be the premier provider of exceptional products in the Clearwater area, products you'll take pride in displaying in your home.

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About Roman Shades

Roman Shades seamlessly integrate the beauty of fabric drapery with the functionality of custom shades. We offer two distinct styles: flat fold or hobbled design.

Flat Roman Shades are crafted from a continuous fabric piece that hangs flat on the window, resulting in a sleek fold that imparts a simple, relaxed ambiance.

The hobbled Roman shade presents a series of cascading folds that gracefully descend the window, fashioning a more classical, sophisticated appearance.

Our Roman Shades are available with control chain, cordless, or motorized mechanisms. If you desire room darkening, think about incorporating a blackout lining with your shade

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Roman Shades Examples

Our core objective is to enhance your quality of life through the sale and installation of solar shades.

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