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We here at Solar Shades Florida are proud to be the Tampa Bay Area’s premier provider of first-rate custom shades that you’ll be proud to feature in your home. We go above and beyond to make sure you have the proper fit for any space in your home, whether indoors or out.

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About Solar Shades

Solar Shades are a great way of keeping your view while maintaining your privacy. You’ll also notice the benefits these shades provide in lowering your electric bill. Solar Shades block heat gain as well as harmful UV Rays.

Leave behind the big-box stores and mass-produced products for quality in-house manufacturing that puts you at the center of everything.

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What We Offer

Solar Shades are available in a variety of colors and openness. The openness affects how much heat/uv rays the shade blocks, as well as how much privacy it provides. We offer translucent solar shades with the following openness:


Blocks the most UV/Heat. Very difficult to see in or out. Best choice if privacy or intense heat is a concern.


Blocks a lot of the UV/Heat. Also difficult to see in or out.


Our most popular choice. Provides a nice balance of UV/Heat blockage while also allowing you see out.


Most popular for those who want to keep their view while still blocking UV/Heat. May not be the best choice if intense heat or nighttime privacy is a concern.

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Solar Shades Examples

We are engaged in the sale and installation of solar shades to improve the quality of life..

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We’ll take time to answer any questions and see that you feel confident with your purchase before moving forward. Shutter & Blinds believes you deserve more when it comes to your home’s overall look and design. That’s why we’ll stop at nothing to earn your trust and satisfaction with each and every purchase. To find out more about everything we offer, call us at (727)-754-5267.

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