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Zebra Shades are becoming the latest trend in the window treatment business. We delight in offering personalized service to ensure your home reaches its fullest potential in both style and practicality.

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About Zebra Shades

Also called banded or layered shades, Zebra Shades provide the the light control of a blind with the softness of a fabric roller shade. Operating similar to tilting blind slats, Zebra Shades manipulate light by alternating fabric bands between open and closed positions. Require more light, leave the bands open; for less light and more privacy, simply close them. You can opt for manual or motorized Zebra Shades.

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What We Offer

Devoted to enhancing each customer's home to its fullest potential, we find immense satisfaction in personalized collaboration to achieve your preferred aesthetics and functionality. Our window treatments provide the protection necessary to safeguard against sun and UV damage.

Zebra Shades Examples

Our core objective is to enhance your quality of life through the sale and installation of solar shades.

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Your questions matter, and we're here to provide answers that empower your decisions. At Solar Shades Florida, we prioritize your confidence in your choices. Our commitment to enhancing your home's aesthetic is unwavering. We strive to earn your trust and satisfaction with every purchase. To delve deeper into our offerings, give us a call at (727)-754-5267.

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